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PixelJunk Monsters: originally like a Red Riding Hood game

Nick Doerr

Last time we heard anything from Q Games and Dylan Cuthbert about PixelJunk Monsters: Encore, we told you the Ice Tower was coming standard and the Tesla tower was getting a lowered cost. Japan got the game last week, but the rest of the world is still waiting. Now we get to hear from SCEA Santa Monica on the game's progress for US release. In their talk with Cuthbert, there are a lot of queries answered but even more to come, so we're only going to graze over what's most important and leave it to you to check out the rest.

The game took Encore as its title because, well, it's like at the end of a concert -- you just want a little bit more (plus it was easier for the Japanese crowd to understand). Also, some people complained of plasma TV's getting the game burned onto their screen because they just couldn't stop playing -- there's now an anti-burn option on the game's menu to prevent that.

As for Cuthbert himself, his favorite level in the expansion is Racer Gardens, since it's based off of a PixelJunk Racers design. He even gives you a hint on how to beat it -- the big guys always cross the bridge! Interestingly, the game's overall design is based off of Red Riding Hood concepts. At first, our Tiki hero was the girl in red, protecting grandma's house from wolves ... we're exaggerating, but that would have been the basic concept, for sure. Eventually, the design we see now took over. More information to come!

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