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Quickoffice catches Android fever, suits let out sigh of relief

Chris Ziegler

Doesn't really matter how high the cool factor is on Android handsets once they start trickling into the retail channel -- if they lack productivity and enterprise software, business penetration is going to hover near zero. That's a problem, seeing how companies have a tendency to buy entire fleets of phones at once, contributing serious revenue to a carrier's and a manufacturer's bottom line come earnings report time. Don't worry though, Android, Quickoffice has you covered. The suite -- familiar to a great many Palm, S60, and UIQ users -- brings serious Office document viewing and editing power to the world's non-Windows Mobile smartphones, and judging from a recent show-and-tell with PC Magazine, it looks like they have every intention of sharing that same power with Android users. All the typical Quickoffice stuff is there, appearing surprisingly close to being ready for prime time despite the fact that Android hardware isn't expected for a handful of months yet. One bonus feature here (and a biggie at that) is integration with Soonr's technology for accessing documents remotely -- pretty nifty, since most of us don't carry our full library of documents when we're on the road. No word on a release date here, but we imagine we'll be seeing it right about the same time that the first devices hit the market.

[Via Talk Android]

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