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Are you having technical issues with GTA IV?


You've most likely heard about the issues plaguing Grand Theft Auto IV on PS3. While some have reported success by deleting their saved content off their PS3 systems, many are still experiencing many issues with the game, on both the Xbox 360. We're conducting a network-wide poll with Joystiq and X3F to see how many people are affected. If we're vocal enough, Rockstar might finally issue a statement about what's going on.

Are you having problems with Grand Theft Auto IV?
Yes, and I use the Xbox 360
Yes, and I use the 60GB PS3
Yes, and I use the non-60GB PS3 (please specify in comments)
No problem (Xbox 360)
No problem (60GB PS3)
No problem (non-60GB PS3; please specify in comments)
Don't own the game, I just felt compelled to click something

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