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Bison is back for Street Fighter IV

Majed Athab

Bison is one tough guy. He cannot be stopped, can he? Like a cockroach (on steroids) that can't be stomped out he's survived numerous close calls. Think back, he's toughed out Ken and Ryu's dual hadoukens in the animated movie. Even more devastating, he went through the horror of Jean-Claude Van Damme's butchery of Guile. But now, the criminal overlord somehow miraculously survived Street Fighter II and will make a return to Street Fighter IV.

The pupil-less baddie isn't the only old school boss making a comeback. Balrog, Vega, and Sagat are all in the new game, completing the four horsemen of yesteryear's fighting glory. We're sure that the inclusion of all classic bosses and characters will bring back all those good memories; however, we're still in the dark about what system this gorgeous title is going to. When are you going to let us know Capcom? While we ask that question, you can check out some pics in our gallery below and many more over at Capcom's blog.


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