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God of War team recruits online programmer


A job posting for an Online Gameplay Programmer to join "the team behind the critically acclaimed AAA titles God of War and God of War II" (oh, just say it: the team developing God of War III) suggests that Kratos' next romp in Neverland may require some expertise in networking protocols and architectures. You know, give the ol' Ghost of Sparta a playable sidekick, some comic relief. Recall that at the God of War II launch, Cory Balrog (this was before he bounced from SCEA) said co-op was being considered for the third console game, at least, in theory: "If we can do something unique with [co-op], yeah, but it is really an early exploration of that in my head really. It's not even a discussion with the team." Obviously, Barlog got around to planting that seed before he departed.

The listing does include a rather ambiguous disclaimer though, which potentially disavows the job altogether: "Please be advised that the following job description may not reflect a position that is currently available. This job description may exist to simply gather interest, and may or may not ever become an approved open position." Whatever, we all know that next-gen AAA ain't "next-gen AAA" without online co-op, right?

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