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RC-12 wireless mini video camera can record itself getting lost


We've seen a number of cameras mounted on RC vehicles before, but if you're looking for a more out-of-the-box solution, you may want to consider this so-called RC-12 camera now available from Japan Trend Shop, which is not only smaller than most, but able to be used underwater as well. Apparently, the 2.7 megapixel camera will work up to 30 meters away with the included 1.2GHz Morse typeS receiver, and last for about 45 minutes on a single charge, which is likely more than you'll ever want to shoot in one go, unless of course you happen to be recording some first-person footage from your next robot laser battle, which we could never possibly get enough of. As you might have guessed, however, the pint-sized kit doesn't exactly come cheap, with it setting you back $269, plus some fairly hefty shipping charges.

[Via OhGizmo]

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