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Activision not attending E3 2008


Activision told GamingNexus, and we've since confirmed, that the company will not be attending E3 this year. A representative for the company tells us that, after careful consideration, it will not participate in any official E3 activities this year.

The key word there is "official," which sounds to us like Activision will have a presence around the show, akin to Gamecock's EIEIO event last year. Though it's not ready to share exactly what the plans are, we'll certainly have more on this at a later date. Other notable companies missing from the current E3 list are: Blizzard/Sierra (which goes hand in hand with Activision now), Atlus, Majesco and NCsoft.

... oh, and if you're wondering what the picture above of Jamie Kennedy is all about, you missed one of the great disasters of E3 '07.

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