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Battleground Europe implements key changes to recruit new players

Andrew Russo

On the war torn battlefields of Europe, the armies of the Axis and the Allies have been fighting a bitter struggle for years. Armies are surrounded and crushed, Tigers break through the Ardennes, and countless cities have been reduced to rubble in the struggle for ultimate domination. At the bottom of the totem pole of this conflict, is the gun totting, foot marching, cold food eating grunt. The war effort needs more of you and World War II Online: Battleground Europe is offering new players tantalizing rewards and updates to help send you directly into the path of blitzkreig.

WWIIOL has been actively recruiting since early April by offering some combat bonuses. Other than free stuff and pats on the back for your patriotism, the game has announced some planned implementations to get players right into the meat grinder. They are promoting an upgraded graphics engine known as Unity II. In a press release provided to Massively, the WWIIOL team promises troopers much improved graphics and an exciting new experience when entering into combat on urban ground. Before you get there, your survivability will hopefully be increased by a new tutorial system that not only touts a form of basic training, but also a combat training scenario that puts you in an instanced battle to practice what you've learned. If you wish to put your mark on the dotted line, the sign-up page is here. Be sure to bring a box of mom's apple pie, because it will be rations from here on out soldier!

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