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Blizzard acquires, nothing to see (yet)


Several weeks ago,, an independent fansite, posted a provocative countdown set to end today, May 1st. The site teased that today would be the day that "half the web" links to the domain ... well, let us save you the click. Of the two potential outcomes posed by WoW Insider, we get the far less interesting one: Blizzard has acquired the domain from Roger Barr (aka "Mockery") who is transitioning his fansite to a new domain, more appropriately dubbed,

Currently, redirects to, but eventually it will redirect to, and after that...? Mr. Mockery notes that Blizzard has reminded him that the acquisition of the domain is not an official announcement of Diablo III, but Mockery can't help but speculate that "this is a confirmation of sorts that they're working on the next Diablo game." True that.

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