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Comcast comes through with 11 HD channels in Oregon, SW Washington

Darren Murph

Over a month ago, we heard that Comcast would be bringing a respectable helping of new high-def options to the Portland area, but given the carrier's history of promising and not delivering in the region, we held off on celebrating prematurely. Break out the champagne folks, as we've received numerous reports from the area that the operator has indeed delivered on the day it said would, adding in Disney Channel HD (741) , ABC Family Channel HD (739), Discovery Channel HD (707), TLC HD (738), Science HD (772), Food HD (766), Animal Planet HD (743), SciFi HD (759), CNN HD (744), AMC HD (771) and TBS HD (755) to Oregon and Southwestern Washington. Also of note, Comcast launched its AnyRoom On Demand service to all digital cable subscribers, and for those kosher with a bit of SD every now and then (crickets?), NHL Network is also landing on slot 418.

[Thanks, Brad]

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