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Pantech C610 shows up in FCC -- bound for AT&T, we'd wager

Chris Ziegler

History tells us that Pantech likes to slap a "C" prefix on its models destined for AT&T (harking back to the Cingular days, no doubt), and so naturally our eyes widened just a bit when we saw just such a device fly through the FCC this week. This particular device is dubbed the C610, which we guesstimate puts it at about 200 less than the C810; enough of a deduction to take it out of the smartphone realm? Hard to say. We can tell from the documentation here that it's a 3G device, and a couple shots of the phone in the SAR reports taken from far, far away (blown up here for your viewing enjoyment) show a clamshell that's probably targeting a fashion-conscious crowd since it's done up in red. We wish we could say "we'll know soon enough," but since we're still waiting for the SMT5700 that hit the FCC over a year ago, we'll keep our mouths shut.

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