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Report: Only 11% of Wii games score above 80%


With the use of, website Gamefunk compared the quality of games on current-gen consoles, with the cut off for a "good" game being anything that received above 80% and a "bad" game being below 60%. The Wii won the battle of the "bad," with only 20 Wii games ranked as "good" ... and four of those are ports.
  • Xbox 360: 374 games: 26% good, 24% bad
  • PS3: 122 games: 33% good, 17% bad
  • Wii: 189 games: 11% good, 37% bad
Gamerfunk believes the fault lies in Nintendo's lack of quality control and if the company wants to change the Wii's "garbage collector reputation" it needs to go back to its '80s roots. We're sure Nintendo will get right on that, just as soon as it's done counting the mountain of cash it made last year.

[Via GameDaily]

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