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Rock Band creators make the 2008 Time 100 list

Buffeted by presidents, presidential hopefuls, titans of industry, and the occasional blogger on this year's Time 100 – a list of, well, those sorts of people – are Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy, better known to you all as "those Harmonix guys." While Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto came out tops on the user-voted list (ie: the popularity contest), Rigopulos and Egozy were cherry picked and their writeup comes to us courtesy of one Mr. Steven Van Zandt, guitarist for Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band (yeah, the Boss also made the Time 100) and chair of the Rock Band music advisory board.

At the root of their new celebrity is Rock Band, of course, which Van Zandt says "is one of the ways kids will find music in the future" and "may just turn out to be up there with the rise of FM radio, CDs or MTV." While we're not quite ready to sign that declaration, we're thrilled that Rock Band is being put on Time's cultural pedestal and happy to have Little Steven as an impassioned (if somewhat partisan) proponent of the medium. Now what's a blog gotta do to get some Springsteen in the Rock Band Store?

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