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Rubik's World set to stump Wiis

Candace Savino

This blogger is more likely to throw a Rubik's Cube into a raging fire than make a realistic attempt at solving one, but surely some of you superfreaks readers out there enjoy the challenge. It's for people like you that Rubik's World was conceived, as it combines the iconic 1980s toy with modern-day technology.

This piece of software by The Game Factory promises "extremely addictive" puzzles that involve constructing 3D objects (therefore, you needn't worry, it won't simply be a virtual Rubik's Cube game). The press release also mentions navigating through mazes and creating your own soundtrack, the latter of which piques our interest.

Local multiplayer will support up to four players, but sadly, there will be no online play (aside from picture swapping and leader boards).

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