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Today in Joystiq: May 1, 2008

Ross Miller

Do you remember this cover? It was the premiere issue of Next Generation magazine from January 1995. Joystiq reader David has scanned in the cover art of every issue between then and January 2002 and thrown them on Flickr. He's also selling them, if you care to see what's on the second pages. Check out the highlights for today:

Joyswag: Win Grand Theft Auto IV on your platform of choice
Off the Grid: The new roommates
X3F Week in Review: April 25, 2008 - May 1, 2008

PS3 Burnout Paradise gets cartography update
Hudson US president resigns post
Infogrames buying Atari outright for $11 million
Turbine secures $40 million investment
Activision CEO says US economy could cause console price drop
Capcom embraces Mega Man's 'milking,' asks for full Mega Man games list
Blizzard acquires, nothing to see (yet)
Whip it real good, Lego Indiana Jones site now live
Clover staff credits cut from Okami Wii, original director 'shocked'
GTA IV could become Xbox Live's top game
BBFC defends against PEGI supporters
Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode One is gold, due out 'later this quarter' for $20
Tecmo Bowl Kickoff lands on DS this fall
Report: Only 11% of Wii games score above 80%
Qmotions to bring 'active gaming' controllers to Xbox 360
Rock Band creators make the 2008 Time 100 list
Playable MGS1 flashbacks in MGS4, teases trailer
PSN Thursday: Echochrome and Canadian equality
Activision not attending E3 2008
New Street Fighter IV screens punch out classic bosses
New Street Fighter IV screens punch out classic bosses

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Layoffs at THQ's Rainbow Studios and Sandblast Games

Culture & Community
R-Type Command to include R-9 collectible
Miyamoto voted 'Your' Time Person of the Year
Adam Sessler and Jack Thompson debate GTA on NPR

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