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A day in the life of Tabula Rasa

Michael Zenke

With the closing of Games For Windows magazine, it's easy to say that Edge magazine is one of the finest videogame-related periodicals on the planet. They collaborate with the folks at the Next Generation site to bring their content to the web, and today they have up a fantastic piece on NCsoft's Tabula Rasa. The article walks through an exhaustive amount of information on the title's launch, and the issues that have come up for the Destination Games team since then.

The article kicks off with background on NCsoft's expansion into the western marketplace, and the long road Tabula Rasa took to market. Although they don't have any pictures of the space unicorn days, they're definitely implied. The article's author speaks extensively to Starr Long, discussing the miscommunication about the number of people fired and TR's financial success from a few months back. Long offers, "It's not as big as we wanted it to be, but it's big enough right now, and people are still buying the game and we're getting lots of retail activations every day."

From there, they launch into a discussion of the the game's growth, and the endless customer service battle any MMO has to put up with. Long concludes with hopeful comments for the future of games on the PC: "I think Peter Molyneux was saying at GDC something like PC gaming is 'all Sims and WOW', which I think is a little too doom and gloom for me ... There have been plenty of times when you've had the one game to rule them all, I mean I remember in 1994 when Myst came out and everyone was saying: 'If you're not like Myst you're screwed.' I don't really buy into that philosophy."

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