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Forum post of the day: Thank you

Amanda Dean

It seems like far too often we take the contributions of our fellow players for granted. Whether that happens when moments are tense or we forget that the other four people in our instance (or 24 people in our raid) are real folks, Bellwether of Dark iron set out to change that on the official forums today. She posted a well considered list of the roles that everyone should be thanked for in the game, just for doing their jobs. Here are some of her comments:

To Warriors:

  • Thank you for standing in front of me and letting things hit you.
  • Thank you for shouldering the massive repair bills that come with your job.
  • Thank you for preventing my death.

To Shamans:

  • Thank you for every single totem.
  • Thank you for Brain Heals.
  • Thank you for Ankh and saving us from having to run back

To Druids:

  • Thank you for boosting my HoTs with yours.
  • Thank you for giving the melee more crit, and allowing them to heal when they crit.
  • Thank you for Faerie Fire on the mobs so the melee can ignore more armor.

To Rogues:

  • Thank you for your outstanding dps.
  • Thank you for checking who is next on the threat list before you vanish.
  • Thank you for equipping different poisons for different encounters.

To Paladins:

  • Thank you for killing yourself to save another and to keep us from wiping.
  • Thank you for not needing any CC.
  • Thank you for BoP.

To Warlocks:

  • Thank you for drain-tanking.
  • Thank you for Imp buffs.
  • Thank you for sending your demon out to attack and then recalling it multiple times so that I can hear all its funny sayings.

To Mages:

  • Thank you for catering every raid.
  • Thank you for Intellect buff.
  • Thank you for AoE.

To Hunters:

  • Thank you for controlling your pet.
  • Thank you for rezzing your pet before raid buffs are handing out.
  • Thank you for Chain-Trapping.

To Priests:

  • Thank you for Fortitude buffs.
  • Thank you for Shadow Resist.
  • Thank you for Spirit and Healing buffs.

It can be a thankless game world. It's nice to be appreciated. Yes we're all just doing our jobs, but we know that things go most smoothly when we all work together and everyone does their best. Remember that even when things go badly, we're still a community, and as an MMORPG, we truly need each other. I have a few thank you's I'd like to add.

To the readers of WoW Insider:

  • Thank you for your comments on my posts, I learn as much from reading what you have to say as I do in writing.
  • Thank you for your tips, comments, and suggestions. You help WoW Insider to be an excellent source of news and opinion.
  • Thank you for being a more civil and productive crowd than most other WoW forums.

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