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Fujitsu lets loose U810, T2010 tablet PCs


Fujitsu wasn't all that specific about pricing or release details when it announced its new U810 and T2010 tablet PCs earlier this year, but it looks like both have now finally made their way out the door. In case you missed it, the big addition this time around is the inclusion of a built-in HSPA modem (and rather obvious antenna), which will run you an extra $200 on top of the $999 and $1,499 base prices for the U810 and T2010, respectively. Otherwise, you can expect the same 5.6-inch and 12.1-inch displays as before, along with the usual 800MHz Intel A110 processor on the U810 and a decidedly speedier Core 2 Duo 7600 processor on the T2010, among other specs not too different from the previous models.

[Via Slash Gear]

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