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Matt Woodward interview gives us a glimpse at Empyrean Age

Andrew Russo

Over at EVE Online's pavilion at New York Comic Con, one man would add to the hopes and dreams of thousands. Matt Woodward took a few moments of his time to talk to TenTonHammer on a subject close to the heart of many capsuleers. The subject? EVE of course, but most importantly, the expansion Empyrean Age. Take a few moments to put aside those evil schemes, dock, grab a Quafe, and tune in because the interview is packed with exciting hints at what is to come.

Matt explains in the interview that Empyrean Age will have fighting, glory, new missions and reputation, and plenty of fleet battles. One of the points made by Matt is that "the big fight that is coming" will allow everyone to be involved in one way or another. Rewards will be given, the front will shift, and the design is being hashed out to bring empire, lowsec, and 0.0 players together to duke it out. The expansion is going to pack one hell of a punch and is long overdue in the minds of many EVE pilots. When the expansion finally does arrive, players will rejoice as new ways to destroy one another are introduced. To us, that smells like victory.

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