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Outspark celebrates Cinco de Mayo with piatas and sombreros


Outspark, home of Fiesta, Secret of the Solstice, and Bread 'n Butter, are celebrating Cinco de Mayo in their own festive, colorful way. How, you bravely ask? Players of Fiesta have the opportunity to purchase the fine steed you see to the right -- a horse piñata to rival those in any local corner store! We hope that this guy's expression is more indicative of enthusiasm than frozen-smiling, mind-numbing terror.

In Secret of the Solstice, there's a new "Happy Cinco de Mayo" emoticon and a sombrero that's more than just decorative, it has its own stats. From the press release: "Players should also be on the lookout for piñata monsters that have more than just ordinary candy for players diligent and strong enough to go toe-to-toe with the less-than-deadly beasts."

You know, we like Outspark's style. These events will extend beyond the 5th, to last the rest of the week. Go check 'em out!

[Thanks, Travis!]

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