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Sorry, no GTA2 for you Mr. Xbox Live Arcade

Dustin Burg

Recently, a countdown clock over on Rockstar's official Grand Theft Auto 2 website caused a rumor to Spring up speculating that, when the countdown expired at the end of May, Rockstar would announce that GTA2 would be releasing to the XBLA. But, sadly, that isn't the case.

IGN confirmed with Rockstar that the countdown clock in question isn't counting down to any new announcement and is actually quite old. It was used once, way back in the 1990s to countdown to GTA2's release onto the PS1. But why the 2008 countdown expiration? Simple. The countdown code is messed up because it doesn't understand how to take into account the 2000s. So, no GTA2 for the XBLA, no new announcement, just an old clock that should have been removed ages ago.

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