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Wal-Mart puts GBA stock on sale


For all of you folk who enjoy using that other game slot on your DS, take note: Wal-Mart is having a sale on select titles. Whether you go with the option of picking up 2 games for $20, or 3 games for $25, it's a fairly decent deal, if we may say so.

To sweeten the deal even more, they're allowing you to choose from some compilation games, as well. Titles such as Risk, Battleship & Clue, and Centipede, Breakout & Warlords (!). So, if you're trying to bulk up your collection, you might want to head on over there and check out what titles they have on offer.

Also of note is the retailer's sale on DS games, but we're not sure there's much in their stock worth noting, except for Sonic Rush.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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