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Westin Hotels add Wii, Wii Fit to their exercise rooms

In Nintendo's tireless pursuit to reach every single demographic ever, they've partnered up with Westin Hotels to stick Wii Sports and Wii Fit setups in the hotel chain's exercise rooms. Why is this particular outreach unique? Think about it: they're targeting people who exercise when they're not even home! We hate to repeat hurtful stereotypes but, while the gamers we know may not be as sedentary as some would have you believe (read: our advertisers), they're not really the type to pack a pair of running shoes next to their PSP for their next business trip. Result: new demographic.

Just in case you are the type to excercise while staying at a hotel and you accidentally stumbled here while looking for the Runner's World magazine website, we've included a list of the first 10 participating Westin hotels after the break.

  1. The Westin Times Square, New York City
  2. The Westin Bellevue, WA
  3. The Westin Hilton Head
  4. The Westin Crown Center, Kansas City
  5. The Westin Harbor Castle, Toronto
  6. The Westin Diplomat, Hollywood
  7. The Westin St. Francis, San Francisco
  8. The Westin St. Louis
  9. The Westin Galleria, Houston
  10. The Westin Savannah Harbor

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