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What's the best way to pass time before a wedding? DS, of course!


As we were spending time perusing through flickr photos (because we like to see how people who aren't chained to a laptop and forced to blog forever live), we came across the interesting picture you see to your right. Now, we know nothing of traditional Indian weddings (which we're assuming this is, also we know nothing of plain old regular weddings, either), but we do know about getting our game on. Honestly, we're just surprised that everyone is all smiles as she plays away on her sweet pink DS Lite. We thought weddings were supposed to be ultra serious and that they left no room for enjoying games. Shows what we know!

Even our own Eric Caoili admits to enjoying his DS a bit before his own wedding. He remarks that he was playing some Mr. Driller minutes before it all went down. We congratulate him on both playing an awesome game and having the guts to possibly anger the bride-to-be on their wedding day. The man has courage, we'll give him that! But, then again, we're sure that she couldn't argue with the merits of drilling several hundred meters underground.

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