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Who in their right mind would buy a Blu-ray player right now?

Ben Drawbaugh

There's been a lot of press about how Blu-ray players sales are disappointing right now, with everyone expecting sales to go up after HD DVD threw in the towel. The problem is that HD DVD just recently went belly up and anyone who followed the format war knows that this could be the worst time since Blu-ray was released to buy a Blu-ray player. This is because the latest Blu-ray titles are finally taking advantage of the latest audio codecs and the latest interactive features, but the players that are currently available are not only unable to take advantage of the latest features, but also cost more than the next generation that is due relatively soon. So while it's fun to say the reason people aren't buying is because DVD is good enough, or because the cost is too high; we prefer to think that consumers are smart enough to know that it's better to wait a month or two for the full featured, less expensive players.

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