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Wii pole dancing plans confirmed, fitness to blame

Jason Dobson

When we first heard of the not-at-all embarrassingly named company Peekaboo Pole Dancing's apparent plans to bring a pole dancing game to the Wii, the whole thing smacked of a better-late-than-never April Fools' prank. Not so, according to MTV Multiplayer blog, which asked the purveyors of the "Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit" and the Carmen Electra-endorsed "Electra-pole" the question that just had to be asked: Why?

Peekaboo rep Simon Kay told the blog that the idea behind bringing what he calls "aerobic pole dancing " to the Wii is "all about fun and fitness." According Kay, Peekaboo wants the game "to do for pole dancing what Guitar Hero did for rock n roll!" We can't help but imagine that the game will finally give gaming couples with an eye for rhythm a means to use their 'star power' for an added -- not to mention motion sensitive -- relationship spark.

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