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WoW Insider arena action tonight!


Grab your sword and fight us Horde!

The WoW Insider Arena Team will be returning to action tonight at 10 p.m. CDT until 12:00 a.m. (Why at this time? As I've been saying in my previous posts, we have to wait until Battlestar Galactica is over!) We'll be on Arena Tournament Server 1 facing off against the best that Azeroth has to offer. We're going to win a couple and lose a couple matches, and the best part of that will be if they're against you!

You can read about our past trials and tribulations, and see how we're all improving our arena game. It has definitely been an interesting time learning to work together and discovering each other's play styles. Even though we haven't had the year or so of time to become comfortable with each other in group play, we're doing okay.

So if you're not up to much tonight, hop on over and queue up for a 3v3 match. You might just get to face off against us!

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