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Screenshot yanked off Sidekick "Gekko" for the world to see

Chris Ziegler

We still don't have a picture of Danger's so-called "Gekko" and "Aspen" Sidekicks to ogle while we wait for a supposed summer release on T-Mobile, but we've got the next best thing: a screenshot pulled from a prototype. It's still not exactly clear what the relationship is between the two new codenames, but we can now say with some certainty that there'll be at least one all-new model in the mix since the rendering used on the device here doesn't look like any Sidekick currently in the stable. Hiptop3 reports that the Gekko's codename (wait, a codename for a codename?) is "Style 2," pretty much confirming that it'll replace the low-end and recently discontinued iD. Despite the focus on keeping this one cheap, the site also says that the Gekko will sport a feature set similar to that of the LX, so it's not clear what specs will be sacrificed to keep this one affordable. A cheap LX alternative with what appear to be changeable faceplates? Count us in.

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