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TUAW Best of the Week

Cory Bohon

It's the weekend. W00t! Time to kick back, relax and read the latest installment of TUAW's best of the week, where we gather up our favorite posts for your easy clicking enjoyment.

Flickr Find: Grand Theft Auto hides Apple and iPhone parody
Apple has really always been a part of popular culture, right? Well, now it's time for the iPhone to have its turn as well.

First pics of the Boston Apple Store
This is one of the newest flagship Apple Stores, being built right in the heart of Boston -- and we've got pictures. I know of at least one person that's dying to go see the Fenway Park inspired façade.

TUAW reviews the Axiotron ModBook
We finally got our hands on the Axitron Modbook and Brett took it for a spin. Read his full review and find out more about the ModBook.

3G iPhone to cost $199?
Like, seriously, there are enough iPhone rumors without starting new ones. What ever happened to the Mac? I remember when Apple was known for their great computers. What happened?

The "missing" iPhone ringtone
If you've been wondering where the iPhone ringtone from the commercials is located, then look no further than your Mac. Dave shows you how to get the iPhone ringtone from the commercial.

Speedier iMacs available
This week also brought about a slight iMac update to the current line. Speedier processors, additional memory and upgraded graphics cards abound.

AT&T offers free WiFi for iPhone users
If you own an AT&T iPhone, you just might be in luck: get free WiFi at AT&T hotspots.

iTunes: Free Wednesday
Grab some free tunes.

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