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Addon Spotlight: Necrosis LdC

Sean Forsgren

Sean is diving, sunning himself and trying to drink all the cervezas in Cozumel this week, so don't feel bad if he doesn't respond to emails and comments. He'll be back in action next week, fresh and ready to re-join the Addon Army's battle for the perfect User Interface!

Poor, poor Warlocks, how you must lament your role as the misunderstood badboys (and girls) of World of Warcraft. Sure, the SL/SL thing seems to work out for you, and Destro locks just can't seem to crit for less than 5k anymore, but if only people knew how hard it is to keep track of so many damned spells.

Truth be told, I love my Warlock, even if he's still terrorizing Azeroth in the forty-ish bracket. However, even by the time I got my Felsteed, I was wondering what to do with all the spells and abilities, I was rarely using some of them and wasn't happy with so many full actionbars. Around the same time, I was beginning to take notice that many Warlocks were saying the oddest things when summoning demons and their mounts. I wondered if there was a group of players taking part in a new "forget leet speak, let's just use grammatically questionable English" movement. I asked one about the random blurbs, and she was kind enough to point me in the direction of Necrosis LdC.

Okay, it was actually Necrosis back then (I need to level my lock...), but the idea has survived the test of time. Necrosis LdC is a circular menu addon that wraps all of your spells and abilities into collapsible menus much like Totemus. (To be fair, Necrosis actually started the whole circular menu thing, the Godfather of Sphere Mods so to say.) It will also manage your Soul Shards, warn you about different procs (Backlash, Shadow Trance), things you can do to your target (Enslave, Banish) or not do (target is immune to fear), and will show you a spell timer to track your DoTs, Soulstone cooldowns and more.

There's more, check in after the requisite break for some tips on using Necrosis LdC.

Nice to see the Summoning worked. Welcome back to our look at Necrosis LdC, the must-have Warlock addon. Now that this little companion addon has cleaned up your actionbars, you may be wondering about some of its bells and whistles.

To access the Necrosis LdC menu, you can right click the sphere, while out of combat, which opens a multi-tabbed interface. You can peruse most of the menus, they are fairly self-explanatory. However, I have a few things I always do when I re-install my addons and fire up Necrosis LdC.
  • I turn off the random "speeches" (People get tired of hearing it, honestly)
  • In the "Miscellanious" tab
    • Select "Put shards in the selected bag"
    • Select the bag number that coincides with my shard container
    • Select "Destroy all new shards if the bag is full"
  • In the "Button Settings" tab, I select "Automatically display menus while in combat"
    • This is like having extra actionbars pop up when you need them
  • I use the main sphere for Life Tap, which is configured in the "Sphere Settings" tab
There are a whole bunch of other options, but as I am leveling as an Affliction Warlock, these work well for me. Now the only real connection in all of that, to my spec, is the way I handle my shards. I always try to end every fight with Drain Soul(Rank 1), so I get the mana returns, and Necrosis LdC simply makes sure I don't fill all my inventory with Soul Shards.

This addon hides some of the very situation specific abilities, but still gives them to me in combat. I like the efficiency and unique interface of Necrosis LdC. So, how about it people? Is this a go amongst you Warlocks? If not, what are you using to manage your huge number of carnage options? Check this gadget out if you haven't, and, as always, let me know your thoughts on it. Dismissed!

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