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Nokia, T-Mobile make nice, pair Ovi with web'n'walk

Chris Ziegler

When we'd heard that T-Mobile Germany was at loggerheads with Nokia over its Ovi services, the carrier was quick to point out that it didn't offer any Ovi-compatible devices in its lineup to begin with and that it was "in discussions with Nokia about this topic and [was] confident to find a common path in the near future." Sure enough, it looks as though that "common path" has now been found with an announcement that Nokia will be working closely with T-Mob to integrate its web'n'walk mobile internet service with Ovi for deployment on future devices customized for the carrier. There's no telling what sorts of contracts got signed behind the scenes here, but if we had to guess, we'd say most of T-Mobile's existing content-based revenue streams are going to end up being preserved by appearing within the Ovi sandbox on these new phones. A loss for Nokia? Not if it wants its phones to keep appearing on T-Mobile Germany's store shelves, it isn't.

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