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WoW Moviewatch: Inside World of Warcraft, Episode 2

Moo Money

(Update: Apparently Oblivious Films stopped doing them after the first episode and this was an in-house blunder. I stand by my criticism. Why hire Baron Soosdon, who didn't make this video, if they're not going to utilize him?)

Those Oblivious Films boys are nothing but trouble. They get one episode of Inside World of Warcraft under their belt and Drewbie is running around with trannies, while Macheath is down and out on Skid Row. What will we do with them?

While I do adore Drewbie and the comedy stylings of his partner, IWoW2 had some things that drove me up the wall. The aspect ratio seemed to jump, the bird noises were annoying, and a lot of the jokes felt forced. I'm not sure how frequently these were intended to be released, but the first episode came out three months ago. If they're only doing news reports quarterly, you'd think they'd have more to discuss and less to make toilet humor about ... What's going on,

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