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EA finds comedy in Activision CEO's jab


Responding to Activision CEO Bobby Kotick's remarks that EA sucks the soul out of the studios it acquires, an EA representative counters that the company finds the comments comical. Speaking with Newsweek, EA's VP of Corporate Communications, Jeff Brown, says that employees at the company just laughed at the statement.

Brown points out how radically things have changed at the publisher in recent years, which claims to have put creative control back into the hands of development teams. He says whatever perception there is about EA -- both internal and external -- needs to evolve along with the company. A recent EA employment survey shows things are changing internally, but it's probably going to take a little longer for gamers to agree, especially with fears of how the "old EA" would more-likely-than-not screw up whatever franchises it would acquire in a Take-Two takeover.

[Via GameDaily]

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