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Harris' HTC-made Census handheld hits the FCC


Harris Corp's HTC-made Census handheld may only be a shadow of its former self now that the Census Bureau has decided not to use it for any actual census-taking, but that doesn't mean it can hang its head in shame forever, and it's now popped up to make an encore appearance at the FCC. Thankfully, this time around the FCC folks have snapped plenty of pics of the device, including a look at its innards, which you can find at the link below. Otherwise, the device appears to be mostly unchanged, with it still boasting the same fingerprint security, and EVDO and WiFi connectivity, albeit without any voice capabilities. One of the few things getting changed, it seems, is the device's battery -- which, given recent developments, is likely one of the last upgrades it needed.

[Via Register Hardware, thanks Michael]

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