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Jamaica's The Palmyra Resort & Spa opening with cable HDTV

Darren Murph

Looking for something a bit more elegant than just another hotel? If you've been toying with the idea of shipping yourself off to Jamaica this fall for a nice dose of R&R, you may want to put The Palmyra Resort & Spa on your short list. After all, you can't make it a whole week without a little high-resolution action, right? Said venue is being launched by the former president of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Horst Schulze, and aside from luxurious amenities throughout the place, you can expect 299 well-appointed guest rooms with HDTVs, "cable HDTV" (that's programming, we presume) and high-speed internet. Sound too good to enjoy for just a week? Call these guys up -- you can buy yourself a private residence if you've got the scratch.

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