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Japanese WiiWare titles pirated on U.S. Wiis

Kyle Orland

For those readers who just can't wait one more week for the U.S. launch of WiiWare, Twilight Hackers have now made it possible to illegally install downloaded Japanese WiiWare titles on North American Wiis. The below video shows how a WAD installer can be used to extract game data from an SD card and install it to show up on the Wii's Channel Menu, just like a normal, legally downloaded game.

While playing Tetris and Pong on your Wii is one thing, playing pirated WiiWare games is another thing entirely -- a thing that could cost Nintendo a lot of money, to be specific. We have to wonder how long the company can turn a blind eye to this hole in its system security now that it has the potential to impact an extremely profitable part of its business.

[Via Nintendo Wii Fanboy]

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