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    NuVision's NVU52DCM Deep Black LCD HDTV gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    NuVision has just recently started shipping its Lucidium Deep Black LCD HDTVs out to anxious consumers, but before you go making any rash decisions about picking one up sign unseen, why not give Ultimate AV Mag's review a once over? The $4,199 (MSRP) set proved to be a mixed bag during testing, primarily due to the high standards the critics (understandably) held the unit to given the lofty price. In their words, "detail was excellent, and color looked much better than expected," but the blacks were only deemed "pretty good," and shadow detail was just "so-so." Overall, the 52-incher managed to really nail the basics (good port selection, tuner and image quality), and if it were priced around a grand less, UAM would've given it an "unqualified recommendation." As it stands, you're probably better off waiting for the price to sink or looking for another unit with more bang-for-the-buck.

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