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'Catch' criminals, 'rescue' patients by running them over

Eric Caoili

We weren't expecting much from Emergency Mayhem, a Crazy Taxi-styled emergency services title peppered with minigames, but these video previews for the police car and ambulance modes look really fun! For a game with such a distressing past -- having been announced and canceled for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 in 2004, exchanging publishers and developers several times since -- we wouldn't have been surprised if this turned out to be a wreck.

Though reviews haven't been kind to Emergency Mayhem (the game hits stores this week), we think the minigames look like a good break from all the high-speed chases and siren-whining. You can defuse bombs, administer CPR, and even help someone cough out a fly. According to these two clips, you can also get some sort of bonus by running over criminals and patients. When that gets old, you can add spice to your emergency duties by crashing into crowds of pedestrians without consequence.

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