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Late-night Wii Fanboy: why the Wii and sex don't mix


Here in the UK*, the nation's favorite one-handed newspapers regularly contain relationship advice that is portrayed in picture form. Obviously, these hilariously scripted columns are simply another excuse for tabloid editors to meet their monthly quota of exposed female flesh, and would usually line our cat's litter tray as a result, but this recent column from the News of the World made us chuckle, as it heavily features the Wii and Wii Sports.

Anyway, the story so far: we've learned that young couple Ash and Mel are in a crisis. Young Ash up there is apparently declining Mel's amorous advances in favor of boxing on the Wii, so Mel did what any rational individual would do with their relationship on the rocks: she wrote to a national newspaper to explain her problem and have it presented to millions of readers in pictures.

Want to see how they ended up and what conclusions agony aunt "Jane" reached? Then click the image above or hit up the "Read" link below (it's NSFW, naturally), and see for yo -- you've already gone, haven't you? Hello?

* From what my colleagues tell me, U.S. papers don't carry such features. But then they read nice, respectable newspapers.

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