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Siren Blood Curse brings episodic fear this Summer

Jem Alexander

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SCEE has announced, via their PlayStation Day asset disc, that Siren Blood Curse will be made available this Summer in Europe. Blood Curse will be an episodic, downloadable experience via the PlayStation Network and promises to be "the most terrifying game in the Siren series to date." While the twelve episode series begins this Summer, there's no word on how often new episodes will be made available.

The story takes place "in the Japanese village of Hanuda, where a TV crew from America arrive to research the legend of the 'Vanished Village' where human sacrifice is said to have taken place thirty years ago." Players will be able to utilise the "unique Sight-Jack system to view events from the angle of your undead pursuers." That all sounds great, but why wasn't this announced during the keynote speech? Episodic gaming via the PSN is definitely something we would like to see more of and would have made Killzone 2's delay just that little bit less hard to take.


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