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Source: Uncharted optioned for movie adaptation

It's time for another installment of Anonymous Hollywood Insider Reports, here on Joystiq. Last time we caught wind of some Hollywood fat cats eying up the BioShock license like a so many pounds of plasmid-injected steak (Take-Two's chairman later listed a cinematic adaptation of the property under "potential opportunities"). This time, a well-placed source close to the deal tells us that the movie rights to Naughty Dog's highly cinematic action-adventure game, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, have been optioned by Atlas Entertainment. There isn't much else to go on besides that; the project has yet to be formally announced and is still in the earliest stages (that is to say: being written). When asked for comment, an SCEA spokesperson told us, "We have not made any announcements regarding movie options."

With the original tomb raider hitting theaters again this year, and a sequel to the well-received game all but confirmed, a Hollywood tie-in seems like a perfect fit (and by perfect fit, we mean half-tucked). The real debate will be over who plays dashing (yet pirate-murdering) hero, Nathan Drake. Our lunch money is on that guy from Firefly ... he's perfect, right? And get this: his name is already Nathan. Talk about kismet.

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