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CableLabs loosens up tru2way licensing

Steven Kim

With the problems that CableCARD ran into, CE company reticence to adopt the new tru2way standard is understandable. But CableLabs has gone a ways toward not repeating past mistakes in its updated tru2way licensing agreement. First and foremost, CE companies will be able to "self-certify" their products. This is great news for manufacturers and consumers alike, and could solve issues stemming from the previous requirement that all gear must be submitted to CableLabs for certification. Altogether, the changes show a "kinder, gentler" face of CableLabs, which seems to get the hint that more cooperation with companies that actually make goods for consumers is a good thing. For its efforts, Samsung has put its name on the dotted line of the new agreement. We like what we're seeing with tru2way, and hope to get more hands-on impressions at The Cable Show later this month. Who knows, maybe roll-your-own tru2way HTPCs could be around the corner!

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