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Entire Paramount Blu-ray catalog is back by the end of May

Ben Drawbaugh

When Paramount makes a decision it really gets behind it, and just as quickly as Paramount titles disappeared from store shelves back in August, they'll all re-appear in the next few weeks. With the initial Paramount Blu-ray re-commitment just a few weeks ago, we learned that 8 of the 32 previously releases titles would be available on May 20th, and now the studio has confirmed that the entire Blu-ray back catalog will be available by the end of May. The titles will be true reissues and identical to the original release -- so if you didn't like the first one, you won't like these either. We're sure plenty of recent Blu-ray adopters are happy to get their hands on titles like Mission Impossible trilogy and The Italian Job, but we'd be more excited to see some of the more recent Paramount releases go Blu, like say, Transformers. But hey, at least we can finally get rid of that annoying asterisks on our weekly releases post.

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