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Guildwatch: Going too far

Mike Schramm

The short version of the tells above: Renzor tried to start some drama by posting a vent recording on the forums, and when Avasa (who took the screenshot) posted against him, Renzor threatens to kick him (and, as you can see, claims Avasa "likes to create drama" when Renzor was the one who posted the vent recording). Click the image above to see the uncut convo (with some not so SFW language), and click the link below to check out the whole story, along with all of the other drama (including a bit of bank drama that will surprise you) from this week's GW.

And if you've got drama, downed, or recruiting news from your own guild or someone else's, send it along to Your tips keep this thing running, so thanks in advance.


  • We're told that Band of Brothers, from the Sentinels server, is breaking apart after six years. A few weeks ago, two of the leaders left with about a third of the guild for the Chosen Circle. The new leader was overwhelmed, and many more people left the guild. Eventually, the population became so low that it was no longer useful for its members, and they did a merger with Watering Plants. Some people are remaining (not everyone was down with the merger, but BoB, started in 2002, is now mostly gone.
  • Two Gruul's One Cup would probably have won our Best Guild name award this week (they wrote in to say that they took down Hydross on their first attempt), but a rival guild apparently reported them, so their name got changed to Furo's Guild over on Dath'remar. They're hoping to change the name again soon, though -- we heard Gruul's Gone Wild is on the list of possibilities.
  • Temple of the Fallen on Farstriders imploded -- we're told by a tipster that Sahime "had a meltdown" over "a joke" (unfortunately, we aren't told what the joke was). Apparently Sahime split to join up with Raiders of the Night, and things aren't going any better in the new guild either.
  • Senseless on Illidan was working through Kara and ZA -- until they had their GL's account hacked and his character deleted. Many core members reformed the guild and are attempting to restore his account. But they ain't dead yet: within a day of the hacking, they had still mounted up two groups for Kara. They're recruiting, too. Who knows -- maybe they'll get hacked again and you can take over the guild.
  • Bounty Hunters on Nazgrel is done for -- the officers and the GL got into a fight, and the leader /gquit completely, leaving one and a half years put into the guild. Eventually the officers and about 15 other people created Unbreakable, and in the month since they've created they're clearing Kara twice a week and have downed Gruul's. Nice comeback -- here's hoping some mistakes got learned from.
  • Hoo boy, we got another vent recording, and it's actually far from the best part of this thread. This time, it's from Maelstrom -- Renzor (of Rapture) apparently has a vendetta against another player named Sneax, and posts on the forums about it (always a good way to solve a dispute). On the second page, though, Renzor's own guildies start calling him out, and he looks more like the antagonist, and less like the antagonee. And when Renzor apparently kicks Avasa for daring to challenge him, a fellow guildie, then things really get good -- we get the screenshot seen above, and lots of other little chat tidbits. Finally, lest you think that not enough, things get really good on page 17, when Typh, leader of Sneaux's guild Roll Initiative, shows up and lays the final smack down. I can't believe Renzor stuck around for that long -- anyone who realized what a beating they were taking would have left by at least page 7. Some epic drama right there.
  • Gimped on Runetotem is breaking up. Or maybe not. Who cares again? Either break up and entertain us, or don't and get back to work raiding.
  • This might be the silliest bank drama I've ever heard, but it's not what you think. Five Man of Daggerspine apparently had a meltdown the other day -- Motu, one of the guild's officers, came back from a break to find (OMG!) green items in the bank. When he asked why they were there, he was told they were for lowbies to DE, but he wouldn't let it go. He even /gkicked somebody for filling up the bank slots (which, we're told, he didn't help buy at all) with useless items, which really caused problems -- eventually a mass /gquit happened, and an all-out revolt went down: people even started filling up the bank with crap (like single arrows), just to make Motu angry. We're not sure what happened with the guild, but we're guessing Motu isn't an officer any more.
  • An alt of Forgotten Legacy on Hellscream claims the guild is about to fall apart. Forgotten Legacy, not surprisingly, disagrees.
  • Order of Serenity on Uther is a growing casual raiding guild that is rolling right up the progression table -- they've got Kara on farm, rock Gruul and Mag, and have downed Lurker. Hydross is on notice, and ZA is next in the queue.
  • In the last two weeks, Lucidity (Thorium Brotherhood-A) has scored Alliance-side firsts on Azgalor, Shade of Akama, and Teron Gorefiend (who they learned by playing the flash game. Gurtogg is on notice, and big cheer to Bloodrite on TB-H for a server first clear of BT. No Glaive for them, but they do get props from Lucidity, an epic drop if there ever was one.
  • The Crimson Knights on Aerie Peak took out Nightbane for a guild first -- and they pulled off a flawless victory, too: no deaths. Good luck with Gruul's and HKM.
  • Leviathan of EU Azjol-Nerub scored their first Lurker kill and managed it with just 24 men. Hydross reported to be shaking in his boots and crying like a little girl.
  • Great Men in History on Destromath-H has defeated Illidan after only two nights of attempts, giving them a full clear of both MH and BT. Grats guys!
  • A New Dawn (on Kargath-A) got 3 new boss kills this past week in three different instances no less: Jan'alai, Maggy, and Al'ar. They're also looking for a spriest to come raid with them.
  • Endless Shadow on Azjol-Nerub took down Prince and Nightbane for the very first time last week. Very nice job.
  • Prodigy (Dragonblight-A) not only finished off the Illidari Council, they also downed Illidan. Took them 8 hours over two nights, but they got a Warglaive out of it. Sweet!
  • Dire Beef on Dark Iron had a weekend of glory with guild first downings of Al'ar, Void Reaver and High Astromancer Solarium in TK last weekend. Was quite the thrill, they say, after weeks of stalling out on progression raids.
  • Good Hard Gank on EU Tarren MIll-H have begun Zul'Aman progress, and on their first run they got the first two bosses down (Akil'zon, Nalarakk) and got Jan'Alai to 10%. He's on notice, and Gruul is being worked on as well. They're also recruiting Druids, prot Pallies, Spriests, and Shamans.
  • Tempest on Dath'remar-A was 6/6 SSC before 2.4, but had only managed 3/4 TK. Until this week that is, when Kael got dropped. Of course, they've already cleared half of MH and BT, but completism is a virtue.
  • Royals on Cenarius-A (hey! you guys need a Hunter? My Hunter is currently unguilded there) downed both Mags and Jan'alai. SSC and TK are next, unless they finish ZA first -- later in the week they also dropped Halazzi.
  • Spinach Puffs (on Chromaggus-A) finished off Leo, Morogrim, Void Reaver, and Solarian. They also made an unexpected visit to Rage Winterchill, and after a miss one night, they got him next time. Vashj is on notice -- they want to finish SSC/TK before heading upwards.
  • Dead Poets Society (Durotan-H) downed Magtheridon on the fourth pull of the night. Onward into SSC and TK! They're also recruiting Priests, Resto and Boomkin Druids and a Shaman or two.
  • DeathTrip on Blackhand-H recently downed Leo and Fathom Lord in SSC, puitting them at 5/6 and 3/4. They're now working on perfecting those encounters, and Vashj goes on notice. Priests, and maybe a Resto Druid are being recruited as well.
  • Dance Commanders of Eredar had their first full clear of ZA last as well as reached the second timed chest. Grats to their raiding crew for sticking with it -- their first bear is on notice. They, too, are recruiting for 25 mans -- especially caster DPS, and reliable tanks and healers.
  • Vital (Dark Iron-H) is a new guild that formed from members several other guilds. They've rolled all the way up through everything but Kael and Vashj -- she's on notice and Kael's been asked to make out his will (and start shining those T5 tokens so they're nice and purty).
  • Celtic Rage on Thunderhorn-A was in our drama section the other week (that poor kid with the terrible guild application), and this week they want to be in the downed section: they've got Kara on farm and have dropped Lurker. Hydross is on notice. They're also recruiting folks (assuming you fill out a good application).
  • Hordecore on Echo Isles-H finished off High Astromancer Solarian. Al'ar is on notice, and they're still looking for healers.
  • Stargazer Clan on Elune two shotted Lurker the other week. Hydross is on farm, and Morogrim is on notice. They're also recruiting (man, who isn't recruiting this week?) Prot Pallies, Shammys, and healers of all types.
  • Cry Havok is a new guild on Aggramar-A that is made up mostly of folks who split from Nulli Secundis. In their second full week of raiding, they've downed five bosses thus far: High King, Gruul, Magtheridon, Hydross and Lurker. Tidewalker is on notice.
  • A b y s s on Norgannon spent a while on Kara, but has recently been rolling through SSC. Leotheras is down, and Fathom Lord Karathress is on notice next. Grats on the T5!
  • The friendly casual guild Children of Stormwind of Jubei'thos (during the appropriately auspicious time of Children's Week -- see how that works?), has finished their first full clear of Karazhan. ZA is next in the queue.
  • The Hand of Lothar on Farstriders is running two Kara teams -- both are on Prince, and they're close (if they haven't downed him yet), so he's on double notice. After that, it's just Nightbane and Netherspite and then it's onwards and upwards. They're always open to new recruits, especially healers and tanks, and I have to admit, they do have a nice website (looks like they've got our Officers' Quarters column, a.k.a. "the anti-Guildwatch," up there).
  • Insanity Inc. of Staghelm has been 5/6 in SSC for about two months, but never really focused on Vashj. After 2.4, they sat down to GTD, and they did -- she dead. Kael is on notice.
  • Chaotic Precision on Frostmane-H has been on a tear lately. Both Hex Lord and Zul'jin have fallen to their blades, and after a joint raid with False Idols in SSC, they downed Hydross and Lurker. Leo is officially on notice.
  • Delirium of Kirin Tor-A is now 8/9 in BT, and they say "the Illidari Council agrees - Illidan is NOT PREPARED!" And he wasn't, either -- later in the week, he went down too.
  • Envious Dark on EU Kilrogg got their first kill in SSC -- after they completely wiped, a Shaman ankh saved the day. Grats, and go Shaman Power!
  • JENOVA on Nazjatar-H says Vashj got downed, and that "Kael'thas is on notice!!!!!!!!" What are you trying to do, kill him with exclamation points?
  • Dark Fist (Argent Dawn-A) killed both Reliquary of Souls and Mother Shahraz. They also want to know if, since they can only put one boss on notice, they have to pick someone on the Illidari Council. I'll do it for you: Lady Malande is going to die. But kill them all anyway!
  • Stoic of Anvilmar dropped Illidan. Grats!
  • Relentless on The Scryers-A, did a Karathon, and also finished off HKM for a guild first. Gruul is on notice.
  • Pieces of Eight on Perenolde-H has been working on Vashj for two or three weeks, and just this last week, they walked in there and one-shot her. On to KT!
  • Novus Ordo on Blackwater Raiders finished off Jan'Alai for the first time. 4/4 on animal bosses -- Hex Lord is on notice.
  • Veritas (Velen-H) downed Illidan Stormrage for a server second. Tequila may or may not have helped. I'm guessing a little of both.
  • Diurne, on Ravenholdt-H, is a casual raiding guild looking for more members to boost their ranks for 25 mans. They're all about efficiency: get in, get loots, get out. Sounds good to me.
  • Mercenaries, on the Zuluhed-A server, is looking to join up with another guild to start doing 25 man content -- they're almost done with Karazhan and ZA, but are a little too small to jump in and do 25 man stuff all by themselves. They're looking only for a smallish guild to be partners with -- they don't want to join up with a big guild or absorb a smaller guild, so if you've got a solid 10 man group and want to join them, go for it.
  • Horked is a mature (18+) casual raiding guild on Dalaran-A looking to add some dedicated ranged DPS players and a few healers to continue progress in SSC/TK. If you enjoy drinking and debauchery on your successful raids, we hear this is the guild for you.
  • Just Another Guild (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) is a GMT+8 Singapore based Guild on US Aman'thul that raidd 3.5 times a week. They are currently 4/5 MH, 4/5 BT in progression and are looking for an Enhancement Shaman, a Resto Shaman, and a Resto Druid. Server transfers are welcome as well.
  • Covenant on EU Khadgar-A are recruiting people for Sunwell!
  • The Edge of Fates Blade on Executus-A has three groups in Karazhan, and are recruiting for 25 man instances. They're taking all comers -- healers, DPS, tanks, CC, support, and anyone else.
  • The Young and Restless on Malorne-A is recruiting to progress further into Karazhan. They raid on Fridays and Saturdays late night, and they're mainly in need of Ranged DPS, although any class/spec is welcome.
  • Fight on Elune-A has MH and BT fully cleared, and they're looking to add a holy and shadow Priest before starting in on Sunwell. Applicants must be able to post "artistically" (I'm guessing that means naked) for kill shots.
  • Legitimate is a guild on Dark Iron-H looking for 2-3 healers, 2-3 tanks, and 3-4 Mages for Kara and beyond.
  • Raid Monkeys on Muradin is recruiting mature people who enjoy raiding, running heroics and socializing on Vent. They run Kara on Saturdays and ZA on Sunday, and are willing to bring in folks who could use help (and are willing to help themselves) in leveling up. Applicants will have to undergo a Vent interview to join.
  • Just Wipe is a new raiding guild that formed from the remnants of a stagnant guild on Duskwood. They are now recruiting for T5 stuff: Protection Pallies, Mages, and offtanks are needed. Kara, Gruul are cleared, and heroics are run daily.
  • Catastrophe Curve on Arathor was a fun-loving guild who had Gruul and Magtheridon on farm and was about to "put Void Reaver on notice" when a barrage of real-life troubles and server transfers depleted the raiding core. Now, they're back and recruiting most anyone, but specifically non-Paladin healers, fire Mages, combat Rogues, and Shamans of any spec (and a partridge in a pear tree) who can raid at least two nights a week to get back into the 25-man game.
  • Midnight Coven (Elune-H) is a casual raiding guild openly recruiting raiders interested in T5 content and beyond. Of course they need tanks and healers, but especially Resto Druids, Prot Pallies and Rogues (yes, Rogues -- next thing you know, someone will ask for Hunters). More info and apps go on their website.
That's it for this week's GW!. Until next week, happy raiding!

Need moar drama? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including a little fantasy drama (that turned out to be a hoax), and this hilarious Vent recording. /Gkicks, /gquits, and ninjas, oh my.

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