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Kaz Hirai confident PlayStation will reclaim lead


It's not a race, it's a marathon. That's according to Sony Computer Entertainment President Kaz Hirai, who recently told BBC News that he expects the PlayStation to reclaim its lead in the console ... "marathon." It's the kind of marathon that lasts ten years, as you may heard countless times before, and remains hard to visualize when none of the competitors have any legs. "I am very confident that after the 10-year lifecycle we will have the install base that we are looking for and that is obviously to be in the leadership position," said Hirai. He insisted that Sony has only "begun to scratch the surface" with the PlayStation 3 and that it wouldn't "let [its] consoles go by the wayside after five years."

With the PS3 said to have surpassed Xbox 360 sales in Europe and a "whole raft of titles between now and the end of the year" in its lineup, developers have more reason catch up to the system's technology. Said Hirai: "I think they are beginning to embrace the technology and are able to express their creativity on the platform certainly more than they were able to at launch." And to think, that wasn't even two years ago. Time truly is an illusion -- launch time doubly so.

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