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O2 meets 3G obligation in UK, averts spanking

Chris Ziegler

Clearly terrified at the process of losing four solid months of its 3G license's duration (which still runs for another 13 years, by the way), the UK's Office of Communications has now confirmed that O2 has stood up, acted like a carrier for once in its life, and taken responsibility for its wrongdoing. Obligations tied to the sale of the UK's 3G licenses back in 2000 stipulated that all buyers must reach 80 percent population coverage by December 31, 2007; Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, and 3 all managed to do that, but O2 was caught with its pants down at 75.69 percent. Ofcom showed leniency and extended O2's deadline out to June of this year, which was just enough for the carrier to get its act together and bring its coverage over the minimum. Meanwhile, US 3G coverage is an embarrassing shadow of the impressive numbers that even the slacker carriers there have managed to put up, so don't feel too bad for yourself, O2, we still love ya.

[Via Coolsmartphone]

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