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Sony launches circular VGF-HS1 media server

Darren Murph

Nothing like washing down an all new WiFi-enabled digiframe with an all new home media server, right? Apparently Sony is firmly in agreement, as it's also launching its latest multimedia server / NAS drives today in Japan. The 1TB VGF-HS1 / 1.5TB VGF-HS1S would stack nicely atop your VAIO HTPC, and aside from boasting gigabit Ethernet, DLNA compatibility, an integrated display, USB connectivity and a hidden multicard reader behind the front panel, this unit plays nice with AVCHD, MPEG2, HDV, JPEG, BMP, PNG, WAV, MP3, ATRAC (saywha?), AAC and WMA file formats. Word on the street has these shipping on May 17th for ¥60,000 ($570) / ¥80,000 ($760) depending on capacity, but only time will tell if Sony sees fit to send 'em Stateside.

[Via Impress]

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