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TurpsterVision: Why do we fall, sir?

Mark Turpin

Every Wednesday think "That is a day late!" and take the "T" from "That" for Turpster and take the "a" in "day", capitalise it, remove the little bit in the middle, turn it upside down and you get a "V". Put the two together and you'll have TV for TurpsterVision -- the best Internet video podcast on Massively! (Never mind that business about it being the only video podcast on Massively...)

In answer to the title of this week's episode, apparently it isn't so that we might better learn to pick ourselves up, it's because it is crazy fun! (Ed: Simple things Turpster, simple things.)

After last week's trouncing I decided I would have to find a friendlier bunch of gamers to have a laugh with and try to have an insight on what playing their game is like. What I found surprised me. I wasn't expecting to see what I saw, the love and affection that these people give out, to complete strangers half the time, of all different shapes and cup sizes, it really warms the heart.

Sure they get a lot of grief from gamers, mostly for it being a game, or for the amount of adults-only content continually poked at by the media. But I am not here to judge, I am here to review (Ed: Turpster, judge is a synonym for review.) On with the video! (Ed: Turpster, who is Ed? Aren't you just typing in brackets completely off topic?)

All I had seen and learned about Second Life before was from the videos from moo Money and the Massively SL content. It is surreal, it scares me to a point, I fear that what the Nintendo Wii has done for the home gaming console market ("Hey kids, lets go spend some good ol' family time on the Wii!") Second Life may do for MMOs. It's all about bringing people together to have fun.

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