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Zelnick: GTA IV is glitch-free, Us: There's a GTA IV patch coming today

Justin McElroy

Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick's recent interview with CNBC may just be the least surprising one you'll hear all month. First off, he thinks the company made the right moves in holding Grand Theft Auto IV back from its original release and in refusing to acquiesce to the advances of Electronic Arts. Can you believe it?

Also, Zelnick insists that there are no glitches in GTA IV, which makes the news of today's incoming multiplayer patch for the PS3 version of the game just hysterical. Of course, when Strauss said that glitch line, we're pretty sure the interviewer was asking him in her own Draconian fashion if there's any hidden doin' it in the game. Now we're wondering if he's wrong about that too.

Update: The v1.01 patch is now live (18 MB) -- thanks to everyone for the heads-up!

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