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120GB HDD pricing analyzed and it's overpriced

Dustin Burg

The crew over at MTV Multiplayer did some detective word, analyzed the cost to produce the Xbox 360's 120GB HDD peripheral and guess what? They concluded that it's one over-priced hard drive ... shocker! According to their research, the 120GB drive (which retails for $179 in the U.S.) costs around $75 for the drive itself, another $5 or so for the special software and casing bringing the total to about $80. Tack on a Microsoft profit of around $20 per drive and a retail profit of around $80 and you've got yourself a $180 120GB HDD. Way too expensive. You'd think Microsoft would want to make it cost effective for gamers to upgrade their 360's storage seeing that the majority of the content being put on them is paid XBLM content. Guess not though.

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